Monday, May 14th

The closing of the Congregational Gathering, today, was treated with utmost solemnity. To begin, (contrary to experience of less formal events) packing and preparing to leave did not, in any way, signal a premature distancing from the main tasks of the morning. All were in attendance at the designated time, dress was formal as before, and a sense of occasion pervaded the meeting space – evidence of the commitment which has marked this entire event. Read More ….

Saturday, May 12th

The Hospitality, Decor and Liturgy Group: Srs. Maureen Miley, Ann Marie Quinn and Margaret Coleman

This was a day to return to the experience, imagery and call of the early days of this Gathering, when we were immersed in the home-place of Nano and of Presentation. The draft texts of our emerging direction and commitments are almost ready, but the real energy in the experience of the last three weeks will not be communicated by words only. Finding ways to share this with all of our Sisters is the challenge of the moment.


Thursday, May 10th

Sister Aurea Dias pbvm, Sister Sharon Fagan pbvm, Sister Julie Watson pbvm, Sister Neneth Robledo pbvm, Sister Anne McDermott pbvm

This was the day when the election of our new Congregational Leadership Team was completed. We were then in a position to elect, also, the Assistant Congregational Leader. All this work proceeded in a spirit of communion and discernment. It was a day to remember.

We resumed our work towards our Gathering directions and decisions and then, faithful to long-standing Presentation spirit, at the end of the day we relaxed and celebrated together, giving thanks to God and one another.

Tuesday, May 8th

Sister Julie Watson pbvm, Congregational Leader

Sister Julie Watson pbvm, Congregational Leader

Our morning Mass was given beautiful focus with reference to the Pakistani symbol of the Duppatta or characteristic cloth shawl in all its significance. Congregation Gathering delegates worked throughout the morning towards refining all submissions, and further crafting the direction statement. This work is ongoing, but progressing well.

The afternoon was devoted fully to the election of our new Congregational Leader. When Sister Julie Watson was elected (close to 6 pm) the business of the day was clearly done, and after much congratulations and good wishes, a celebratory meal was enjoyed by all.