Presentation Song – Sr Maura Fitzsimons, pbvm

Melody: God of Day and God of Darkness

In the presence of each other we now stand before our God.

As a new day dawns before us, hear the music of its word.

In the mystery of our history, on the path we take as one,

We are called to share the vision and to go one pace beyond.


Living vision, gift and challenge mirrored in our way of life.

Seeds of hope are bursting upward from the darkness to the light.

Nurtured by the faith that bonds us, sacred stories we awake,

Nano’s life and vision beckons a new world to recreate.


Listening hearts reflect the message planted deeply in the soul.

Doing justice like our Saviour, to remake creation whole.

We are called to light the lantern, hold its flame against the wind,

As today oppression deepens in the wake of worldly sin.


Bringing forth the gifts that differ, standing tall with those in need,

Searching for the poor and lowly, for their cause we intercede.

When the blind see, and the wounded walk, and the poor no longer cry,

When the Word is flesh among us, then our dreams are clearly nigh.


Joy-filled women we move onward, every garret we shall know.

Joys and hopes and grief of people, these will meet us where we go.

As the dream bides deep within us and the Good News we unfold,

Presentation marks the ages as the story is retold.


Shape and mold us, Lord, we beg you and our hidden selves make strong.

Like the women of the Scripture may we voice our faith-filled song.

With our minds and hearts in union, casting fire upon the earth,

Send us forth to make tomorrow a new day of great rebirth.