Morning Ritual

The Rhizome from Ireland North East

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At an outdoor ritual celebrated in the grounds of Emmaus, a rhizome, symbol presented at the CG2018 Gathering for the Presentation North East Unit, was planted.

The advent of the Summer weather offered the opportunity for a ritual in the grounds of the Emmaus Centre. One morning the Delegates processed out of the Centre to offer their worship and prayer in the open air.

A feature which caught particular attention was the 200-year-old stump of a beech tree, surrounded by saplings of several descriptions – holly, spruce, ash, cypress, beech, hawthorn, birch, willow, sycamore and pine are to be found. This propagation is most likely the result of squirrels burying nuts and seed dispersal by the birds and wind over the years.  Who knows where the seeds being generated these days will eventually take root and flourish?

Some saplings such as yew, scots pine and hawthorn have been planted in the grounds. This