Day 8


Thursday 26 April 2018

Morning came, and evening came the eighth day.

The early morning brought sad news from India South for Rose Savarimuthu that her sister Mary has died. Today as we remembered the death of Nano Nagle, we prayed at Nano’s grave for Rose and for her grieving family.

A memorable conversation with our four former leaders, Lucy, Elizabeth, Wiona and Terry, drew us into palpable oneness of spirit. Their warmth and encouragement put fresh heart in us and reverberated in us throughout the day: The same gift, the same divine life that was in Nano is in this Gathering; our presence among God’s people, heart to heart is of great significance in our torn world; God is with us and will lead us in unexpected places and in unexpected people; God’s dream will happen, as we journey within, seekers and pilgrims, close to creation and to the creator, in communion, love and compassion.

Mass began with Liturgy of the Word in the chapel. We sang a litany of the saints and a litany of sisters in all our Units who have recently gone before us. We walked among the graves of the early Ursulines and our Presentation Sisters to stand around Nano’s tomb with its ancient inscription,

Here lie waiting, ’tis hoped, a glorious resurrection, the remains of Miss Honora Nagle, daughter of Garret Nagle of Ballygriffen …. She departed this life envied by many and regretted by all on the 26th of April 1784 aged 65 years RIP.

We celebrated our communion across time and space with all our living and with all our living dead. We placed our hands on her gravestone and with Nano, we renewed our “Yes”.

We say Yes, to all that is; Yes to your will in us; Yes to do justice in the world; Yes to live kindness with the poor; Yes to walk humbly with you, Nano.

Each day, there is a gratitude moment for people who nurture the Gathering in numerous ways. Today was the turn of Miriam Martin, who returns to Newfoundland and leaves her music and song echoing within us. We said goodbye to Catherine O’Sullivan and Antonia Murphy, our hospitality duo extraordinaire. Indefatigable hostesses, they supported us before and since our first arrival. We prayed blessing on the many sisters who work long hours, beyond the formal sessions, in service of the Gathering.

This first part of the Gathering here in Nano’s Cork ended with a recess ritual when Sr Mary Deane, President of the Gathering, recommended a formal recess until we reconvene at Emmaus, Dublin, on Sunday, 29th April.

Submitted by the Ireland South West Unit