Day 4

The sun shone early on Earth Day as we travelled through Cork city to Nano Nagle Place. We gathered in the Goldie Chapel for Eucharist with special participation of all present. Symbols from each Unit were presented creating a colourful display. India North Province took part in a symbolic action, shattering a pot to reflect our ill-treatment of the Earth. The Eucharist ended with a chorus of “we shall overcome”, expressing our hope for the future of earth.

Following this we gathered in our Table Groups with the following questions: “Who do I need to speak to in this Gathering?”
“What do I need to know so that I can hold the Congregation more strongly?”
This led to conversations between sisters from the different Units.

In the afternoon we divided into creative groups: Music, Movement and Dance, Creative Writing and Art. Each sister chose two of the groups to participate in and all returned to the large group re-energised and relaxed. This represented a more active approach to contemplative dialogue. Our leaders in these creative activities were four gifted women: two Presentation Sisters and two local ladies.

We returned to the Goldie Chapel for a reflective evaluation of the day’s experiences.

Our lunch today was provided by ‘The Good Day Deli’, the cafe at Nano Nagle Place. The bread was baked on the premises as were the biscuits for our morning tea. The Staff and volunteers are exceptional in their welcome and hospitality.

We Presentation Sisters were not the only people present this busy Sunday at Nano Nagle Place. We were impressed by the number of visitors: families and especially the groups of young people.

Submitted by Delegates from the English Unit