Saturday, May 12th

The Hospitality, Decor and Liturgy Group: Srs. Maureen Miley, Ann Marie Quinn and Margaret Coleman

This was a day to return to the experience, imagery and call of the early days of this Gathering, when we were immersed in the home-place of Nano and of Presentation. The draft texts of our emerging direction and commitments are almost ready, but the real energy in the experience of the last three weeks will not be communicated by words only. Finding ways to share this with all of our Sisters is the challenge of the moment.

Meanwhile, this was also the day of our Gathering Eucharist with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who spoke words of appreciation and encouragement. Thanks also to our wonderful hospitality, décor and liturgy team we had a memorable celebration. The wider community of support people from the Mission House in Lucan, those who provided transport at all hours of day and night, as well as those who assisted in preparations and back-up at Emmaus, joined us for the liturgy.  The host community here in Emmaus, and our close relations in mission, the Mercy Sisters, Presentation Brothers and Christian Brothers were also represented. Afterwards we shared a most enjoyable celebratory dinner.