by Sr Maura Fitzsimons, pbvm

Awaken my soul in silence…
To the heart-centered meaning of life,
Where the mystery unfolds
In the merging of daily success and strife;
Where the voices of mystics prophetic and bold
Shed rays on the future.
With blessings untold.

Awaken my soul in silence…
To the stride of folks passing my way.
Where wonder and faith keep them moving
Towards horizons that call them by day
Where destiny offers completion
To the Pilgrim in tune with the song,
That unfolds in some knowing connect
As they ardently travel along.

Awaken my soul in silence…
To the cries of dear Mother Earth
Where forest and hills weep together,
And wildlife abandons the home of its birth.
Where snow caps are forced from their cummit
Decrying the loss of rebirth
With no inkling of when, or who done it
Foreshadowed now, by a pathway to death.

Awaken my soul in silence…
To the sacred encounters,
where I need to see light.
As unfolding earth,
hallowed and wounded
Moves on toward the darkness of night
Once staunch in design of becoming
Today is unsure of birth-right.
Yet creating delight for its people,
And still poised with wonder and grace
It creatively lifts up its head,
Showing contours of strain,
On the beauty and charm of its face.

Awaken my soul in silence…
To daylight where the touch of the sun
Edges gold on the clouds.
Where the darkness of eve lingers long into night,
Yet the stars in the sky, stir the wonder of sight.

Awaken my soul in silence…
To the mystery of earth as a friend,
Given by God to protect and defend.
Sharing its fruits with bounty and love,
And remembering with thanks,
Earth is gift from above.