Wednesday, May 2nd

An unexpected change took place today: all of us delegates were asked to arrange ourselves around the room according to age –and it caused quite a stir! Then we were invited to a focused conversation in peer groups. We had an interesting time.

We found that perspectives can be remarkably the same and remarkably different across generations as well as cultures. We were reminded to pay attention to recurring themes, but also to listen to the minority and solitary voices.


Sunday, April 29th

Sister Numba carries the Lantern

The delegates to the Congregational Gathering 2018 gathered in the Emmaus Centre, Swords, near Dublin, following the events in Cork celebrating the three-hundreth anniversary of the birth of Venerable Nano Nagle.

The Opening Ceremony in Emmaus began with a procession of delegates into the conference room where the CG2018 sessions will take place. The facilitators Anne Lane and Judith King welcomed the delegates as a new phase which will involve discernment and decision-making begins.


Welcome to CG2018!

The CG2018 Centrepiece in Emmaus

Welcome to CG2018! This is the website for the Presentation Sisters (Union) 2018 Congregational Gathering which is taking place in Ireland from 19 April to 14 May 2018. Some of you have been part of this journey with the Congregation for quite some time. Others are in the first days of their participation. You are all welcome.