Sunday, April 29th

Sister Numba carries the Lantern

The delegates to the Congregational Gathering 2018 gathered in the Emmaus Centre, Swords, near Dublin, following the events in Cork celebrating the three-hundreth anniversary of the birth of Venerable Nano Nagle.

The Opening Ceremony in Emmaus began with a procession of delegates into the conference room where the CG2018 sessions will take place. The facilitators Anne Lane and Judith King welcomed the delegates as a new phase which will involve discernment and decision-making begins.

Moving into a new reflective phase, three delegates, Sisters Anne Lyons, Shobha D’Sami, Sandra Ndingwa imaginatively recounted a story reminding us that our best gifts lie within. A reading from 1 Corinthians amplified this message in recalling the creative power and energies of divine grace.

A short ritual involving the singing of “One Flame Many Lanterns” followed. This focused on the centre-piece in the conference room, a beautiful arrangement of colour and light, with the Nano Lantern at its heart. A significant element in the centre-piece was the inclusion of artwork from prisoners in South America based on the Nano Aflame theme.

Neneth from the Philippines Unit led the group in a traditional blessing and greeting ceremony.

The ceremony concluded with a moving presentation of the Nano Aflame pins to all the delegates.