Tuesday, May 1st

Today, as Delegates to the Congregational Gathering, we listened attentively as Sr. Mary Deane spoke to us in the name of the outgoing Congregational Leadership Team. Mary shared the Team’s reflections and concerns from the vantage point of their experience over the last six years.

Guided by our facilitators, we spent generous allocations of time mulling over these, first in silence and then in open and hope-filled conversations. The reflections and proposals which have been garnered through the preparatory processes in all the Units and Mission Areas are brought into the dialogue in the room. Out of these conversations, inspired by the Spirit, we believe the direction and ‘calls’ of this Gathering will emerge over the coming days.

Towards evening it was most appropriate that we would, on behalf of the whole Congregation, thank Mary, Julie, Fatima, Anne and Frances in a befitting way. This we did in word, song, movement, blessings and gifts – in a very expressive, multicultural and joyful ritual.